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Mississippi City Name List

This is the list of Cities in Mississippi. The zip code, county and city are displayed in the list. You can click the City Name to get 5-digit zip code and 5-digit plus 4 zip code.

The primary city name as designated by the United States Postal Service. The USPS designates cities in all uppercase (ie. NEW YORK). The Post Office “city” name associated with a particular ZIP Code in the mailing address for a residence may differ from the legal municipality or district in which the housing unit is actually located.

CountyCityZIP Code
Lafayette CountyABBEVILLE38601
Monroe CountyABERDEEN39730
Choctaw CountyACKERMAN39735
Pontotoc CountyALGOMA38820
Bolivar CountyALLIGATOR38720
Monroe CountyAMORY38821
Humphreys CountyANGUILLA38721
Washington CountyARCOLA38722
Tate CountyARKABUTLA38602
Lowndes CountyARTESIA39736
Benton CountyASHLAND38603
Washington CountyAVON38723
Kemper CountyBAILEY39320
Itawamba CountyBALDWYN38824
Calhoun CountyBANNER38913
Jefferson Davis CountyBASSFIELD39421
Lafayette CountyBATESVILLE38606
Hancock CountyBAY SAINT LOUIS39520
Jasper CountyBAY SPRINGS39422
Greene CountyBEAUMONT39423
Monroe CountyBECKER38825
Lee CountyBELDEN38826
Webster CountyBELLEFONTAINE39737
Tishomingo CountyBELMONT38827
Holmes CountyBELZONI39038
Bolivar CountyBENOIT38725
Yazoo CountyBENTON39039
Yazoo CountyBENTONIA39040
Bolivar CountyBEULAH38726
Calhoun CountyBIG CREEK38914
Harrison CountyBILOXI39530
Benton CountyBLUE MOUNTAIN38610
Pontotoc CountyBLUE SPRINGS38828
Lincoln CountyBOGUE CHITTO39629
Hinds CountyBOLTON39041
Prentiss CountyBOONEVILLE38829
Bolivar CountyBOYLE38730
Rankin CountyBRANDON39042
Rankin CountyBRAXTON39044
Franklin CountyBROOKHAVEN39601
Forrest CountyBROOKLYN39425
Noxubee CountyBROOKSVILLE39739
Calhoun CountyBRUCE38915
Wayne CountyBUCKATUNNA39322
Franklin CountyBUDE39630
Alcorn CountyBURNSVILLE38833
DeSoto CountyBYHALIA38611
Hinds CountyBYRAM39170
Lowndes CountyCALEDONIA39740
Calhoun CountyCALHOUN CITY38916
Madison CountyCAMDEN39045
Madison CountyCANTON39046
Pearl River CountyCARRIERE39426
Noxubee CountyCARROLLTON35447
Jefferson Davis CountyCARSON39427
Attala CountyCARTHAGE39051
Sharkey CountyCARY39054
Grenada CountyCASCILLA38920
Clay CountyCEDARBLUFF39741
Amite CountyCENTREVILLE39631
Tallahatchie CountyCHARLESTON38921
Pike CountyCHATAWA39632
Washington CountyCHATHAM38731
Neshoba CountyCHOCTAW39350
Lauderdale CountyCHUNKY39323
Wayne CountyCLARA39324
Coahoma CountyCLARKSDALE38614
Bolivar CountyCLEVELAND38732
Hinds CountyCLINTON39056
Coahoma CountyCOAHOMA38617
Grenada CountyCOFFEEVILLE38922
Carroll CountyCOILA38923
Tate CountyCOLDWATER38618
Covington CountyCOLLINS39428
Kemper CountyCOLLINSVILLE39325
Marion CountyCOLUMBIA39429
Lowndes CountyCOLUMBUS39701
Lafayette CountyCOMO38619
Neshoba CountyCONEHATTA39057
Alcorn CountyCORINTH38834